Music I Can’t Live Without


Music has been played across the world for numerous reasons around the globe. Have you listened to music at a wedding party? Is it any different from music played in a burial ceremony? Of cos yes. Music is used to pass a particular type of message in various events. Preservation of values and culture is also a major role of music; some communities compose songs for a specific event as a way of preserving culture.

Have you ever been to a place of worship? If yes, am sure you can entirely relate to the fact that music is an essential component of religion. Not only is music influential in the community and the society at large, but also individuals go extra miles to see that they can access music anytime and anywhere. Haven’t you noticed the rate at which people use Walkman? The music systems in our homes speak volumes about how much we love music.

Why listen to music?

Just like my mother’s best cinnamon scroll recipe, different people listen to music for various reasons. When sad and feeling lonely, and the world is crumbling down, some people will turn to music for consolation and peace within. Mostly it is urged that listening to music at such times helps relax your mind and take your soul to a peaceful world reducing the risk of blood sugar, hypertension and other life-threatening diseases.

Have you ever wanted to express your feelings to someone? Either you are angry, happy or even you may have fallen in love, and you need to pass the message, but courage is failing you? The best option is dedicating a song to the recipient. The song communicates more than you wanted to say, in a better way and without chaos. It is a great feeling listening to a song that has been dedicated to you; you can’t get enough of the song! Some people go to the extent of using the song as a ringtone.

I have always had a question at the back of my mind, the relationship between music and clubbing. Every single joint you walk in, and you have that desire of enjoying a drink without much noise you don’t get it. Clubs will invest in music systems to hype customers as they take their favorable drink, how people stand up and dance once they hear a song they are attached to I cannot understand.

When it comes to the best sources of wisdom, music is one of the reliable sources. You do not get it through reading or a boring lecture, you get it through the most enjoyable way, listening to those beats and vocals and the creativity in there. I know at times your destination may seem far away, for a company and spicing your travel music is critical. You enjoy every bit of the journey!


Music is life. You keep wondering why you are addicted to what you listen to; music has the magic to keep your ears on the Walkman. You just can’t get enough of it! Keep enjoying your daily dose.